Benefits of DevOps for Insurance Industry

Insurance Industry : The first known insurance contract dates from Genoa in 1347. With a rich history of more than 650 years, insurance is one of the biggest service industries worldwide. Also, Insurance by the virtue of it assumes the humane touch and relationship. As a result, Insurance Industry has built the reputation as “The Legacy field: Traditional, cautious and

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Information Excess

Information Excess : The world is not only within our reach but it has come to stay in our palm. Improvements in technology saw the transition of pagers to mobiles and graduation of ordinary mobiles to smartphones was yet again a mile stone. In India, ‘Doordarshan’ and metro channels paved way to their modern cousins – the satellite channels. All

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Hadoop Big Data Infrastructures

Big Data Infrastructure Management in Cloud Data Centers has been one of the fruitful solutions suggested for countering rising infrastructural costs. As a result of this, optimizing infrastructure for both hardware and software allows businesses to run big data processes in a much easier and much more straightforward overall manner and this is for sure helping a lot of businesses

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Data Recovery Software – Knowledgebase

Data Recovery Software : Data recovery is usually conducted for research purposes or when archeological resources are threatened with destruction from natural processes, such as erosion, floods, or wildlife, or by human activities, such as construction, vandalism and oil spills. The idea behind data recovery is to take the site apart in reverse order to that in which it was

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Digital Transformation Is About People, Not Technology

Digital Transformation : According to an article published in The Economist, “the infusion of data-enabled services into ever more aspects of life”, shall be the most evident consequence of the enduring Covid-19 pandemic. Digital transformation is expected to have greater importance for companies in the future, very shortly.

A 2019 survey of CEOs, directors and some senior executives discovered that

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Eresource Xcel An Unique ERP System For Industry Specific Manufacturing

Specific Manufacturing : It is always big challenge for industrial manufacturing companies to bring out innovative products that are more useful, reliable and economical. In this situation it is no surprise that manufacturing companies are finding resource planning software as their best solution to keep up with the changing technological advancement. However, there are more reasons for selecting eresource Xcel

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What Is SAP HANA Migration to Public Cloud?

Benefits of Deploying SAP HANA on Public Cloud

Public Cloud : The leading organizations of tomorrow will thrive on data. That’s a given. The only question is the type of innovation organizations will use to harness data and improve business performance. The clear-cut answer at this moment is SAP-HANA. It is an in-memory database and application development platform for processing

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How to Safely Setup Your Small Office Network Infrastructure

How to Do Good LAN Infrastructure Cabling

Network Infrastructure : Among important things to consider when doing your LAN cabling are the purposes of the cabling, the location at which you are doing the cabling and the users or devices that need to connect to this network. Of importance is to note that there are mainly two types of network

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